Mail to Comcast is rejected and is returned with an error message containing the code BL004. What does this mean?

You have been identified for sending spam into the Comcast domain.
Our filters have determined that email from your mail server has been sent in patterns which are characteristic of spam.  In an effort to protect subscribers, your mail server has been blocked from sending email to the Comcast network. 

I was unaware I/my email provider was sending spam.
In this case, you are advised to make sure that your system is secure and free from viruses or vulnerabilities that would allow your PC to be used to send mail without your knowledge. 

If you send mail through an Internet Service or email provider or have mail forwarded through a hosting / mail forwarding provider, please contact them and report this issue. Comcast recommends the provider review their outbound email policies and take immediate action to reduce the amount of spam being sent to the Comcast domain.  Unless your mail provider takes these important steps, your mail may continue to get blocked by Comcast.

I am confident that my mail server is secure and that we follow good email practices.
There is a possibility that your mail could have been misidentified as spam. If this is the case then you must present a copy of the email to Symantec for further investigation.
Ask your administrator to identify the emails recently delivered to the Comcast network to determine which messages were potentially considered spam, before the block was applied.  Ask your mail administrator to send an exact copy of the messages (body and header) to Symantec as outlined here.

I / my email provider have taken the steps outlined in this document, how do I get my IP removed from the blacklist? 
To be considered for removal, please ask your email provider to send a request to .  Please note: If there is a history of repeated blocks, Comcast will deny the removal request and advise that your email provider contact Comcast to address the issue. Also, when submitting a request,  please be sure to include the specific IP you believed to be blocked (the IP was returned in the 550 error message which contained the link to this FAQ).  Requests which do not contain an IP address, or which contain many IP addresses, will be rejected.   Requests are processed within 24 hours of receipt.

(The above information was originally published on Comcast's support site and was added to our KnowledgeBase on September 02, 2006 for the benefit of our customers)

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