My email won't send!

You should, whenever possible, be using your ISP as the outgoing mail server. Most high speed ISP's will require authentication - using your ISP login to "validate" you as a user to be able to use their mail servers to send mail not from your ISP email address. You should read your mail client or ISP help documents to find out how to do this.

If you must use your domain as an outgoing mail server, you will either have to receive mail before you can send, or set up SMTP authentication using your mail login.

If you can't send mail, first check what your outgoing mail server settings are. If they are your ISP, you will need to contact them about your mail problems. If your outgoing mail server is your domain name, make sure you are receiving before sending, or using server authentication. If you are still having problems and ONLY if you are using your domain as the outgoing mail server, open a help desk ticket. (Sorry, we can not help with ISP issues).

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